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Coffee Talk

#15 - Why wouldn’t we want equal pay? (starring Stephen Frost)

Margret and Henrike are joined by the Diversity & Inclusion expert, Stephen Frost, who is not only an old college friend of Margret’s, he was the first officer of inclusion at the London Olympics, founded the impact-led consultancy “Included” in 2012. Over coffee with Margrét and Henrike Stephen describes his remarkable journey: from a lobbyist for Diversity & Inclusion, wondering right from the beginning: Why wouldn't we want equal pay?.

#58 - Introducing Structured Pay Equity Analysis

Systematic bias is stubborn. Demographic pay gaps can still remain, even after companies do a pay equity analysis and give raises to underpaid employees. But based on recent research by Margrét and her co-authors, there’s a better way to close the gap: structured pay equity analysis. Margrét and Henrike discuss in this week’s coffee talk.

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