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Vorbereitung auf die EU-Lohntransparenzrichtlinie | Laden Sie unser E-Book kostenlos herunter

Coffee Talk

#8 - What does transparency mean to you?

Margret and Henrike discuss the International Fair Pay Conference, in which Margret will participate (via videocall) as an expert. The focus of the conference will be on the new EU directive on fair pay, which is intended to ensure greater transparency across Europe. But what does transparency actually mean?

#58 - Introducing Structured Pay Equity Analysis

Systematic bias is stubborn. Demographic pay gaps can still remain, even after companies do a pay equity analysis and give raises to underpaid employees. But based on recent research by Margrét and her co-authors, there’s a better way to close the gap: structured pay equity analysis. Margrét and Henrike discuss in this week’s coffee talk.

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