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Coffee Talk

#48 - Are U.S. Pay Transparency Laws Working?

Pay Transparency: Employer Compliance Statistics Vary State-by-State. Why?

For our first Coffee Talk after a summer respite in the sun, PayAnalytics co-founder Dr. David Ryberg Anderson joins Margrét to discuss his recent research into the efficacy of pay transparency laws in the U.S. During the talk, the two focus on salary range posting in California, Colorado, and New York using data from

David and Margrét tackle the big questions: How can employers leverage pay transparency in an environment where employees are applying for their own jobs—and leaving them—to increase their salary to a range on par with the market? What influence does the judicial system have on compliance with these laws?

Listen to the Coffee Talk for the full story, and look out for our upcoming blog summarizing Dr. Anderson's research.

Friday Coffee Talk from Planet Fair is a podcast/videocast series co-hosted by PayAnalytics founder Margrét Bjarnadóttir and Henrike Von Platen, founder and CEO of the FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab in Berlin. It is available through all podcast platforms as well as on YouTube as a videocast.

#47 -  Proactively Monitoring Bias in HR Tools

In this week's coffee talk, Henrike and Margrét followup on questions raised in Episode 46 about the applications of AI in HR. AI can make us faster and more efficient in some ways—speeding manual, tedious tasks, for example—but, if we aren't careful, biases can slip in and catch us off guard. Watch this coffee talk to learn about proactively monitoring AI tools in HR.

#46 - Getting the most out of ChatGPT for HR

In this week’s coffee talk, Margrét and Henrike chat ChatGPT and its applications for HR. They coach us in best practices for posing questions to the chatbot to yield the most valuable answers for HR practitioners, and point out where (and why) to use caution. And did we mention there’s a side-by-side demo of ChatGPT3.5 and 4?

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