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Overview of features: measure, act, and stay vigilant

Delivering pay equity analysis and solutions

PayAnalytics is a software solution that enables human resources managers and consultants to conduct their own salary review and analyses, measure gender and other demographic discrepancies in pay, and offers recommendations on how to close pay gaps. Our reporting and visualization tools allow HR managers to understand the impact of hiring, promotion, and salary adjustment decisions on pay gaps, and to understand trends in their pay structure.

The software is sold under a subscription model and it is easy to become a customer and start using it. Get in touch by sending us an email at or by using our contact form.

Get suggestions

Get specific, employee-level suggestions on how to reduce or eliminate the pay gap

Our solution provides recommendations to give raises to employees where they will do the most good. PayAnalytics delivers a set of raises that closes the pay gap in the fairest and most efficient manner possible, targeting raises to the employees who are driving the pay gap the most. Our solution helps you build a fairer salary structure.

Subgroup analysis

Measure and close the pay gap separately for each group of employees

Using the subgroup analysis you can run the same analysis on subsets of the data, for example for each job role, each country, or each department. The results are visualized so that you can see how the groups compare to each other. The pay gap is measured and closed separately in each subgroup, meaning that there may be some groups where raises are suggested for women and others where raises are suggested for men.

Get a better overview

See your salary structure at a glance

PayAnalytics provides a graphical representation of the pay structure of your company, helping you immediately identify trends in compensation, find salary anomalies, and detect the causes of your pay gap. PayAnalytics allows drill-down analysis to understand pay distributions among individual job roles, functional groups, or teams of employees.

Work in your language

Available in six languages

PayAnalytics is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Icelandic, and Swedish.

Additional user controls

Control the access each user has to data, features, and operations

PayAnalytics customers can subscribe to an additional feature where you can define each user's role and access within PayAnalytics more precisely.

  • You can decide what operations each user can carry out in PayAnalytics: Can the user upload data or run an analysis?
  • You can decide what features each user has access to: Is it enough for a user, for example in recruitment, to have access to the Compensation Assistant only?
  • You can decide which data or which part of a dataset each user has access to: Can the user only see the data related to her office? Can the user see information on each employee or only the summary statistics for a group of employees?

Salary Brackets and freezes

Set minimum and maximum values to raises

In PayAnalytics you can apply salary brackets and salary freezes. When you apply salary brackets we make sure that salary suggestions fall within the upper and lower salary limit for the group that an employee is a part of. And when you apply salary freezes, then no salary raises are suggested for that group of employees.

Demographic Pay Gap Analyses

Pay gap analyses on any demographic variable

PayAnalytics can run a pay gap analysis on any demographic variable that your dataset might have, such as race or ethnicity.

Compare payroll data between periods

Run comparisons of your data or the results of your analysis to see what has changed

Seeing how your data is changing over time or how the results of your analysis compare between months or years could be key when it comes to better understanding your business.


Two Factor authentication available for stronger security

Security is a number one priority at PayAnalytics. By providing Two Factor Authentication (2FA) user data is protected with a password and a second factor such as a mobile phone.

Built in tutorials

Video tutorials and help are built into the software

To make the use of PayAnalytics as easy and enjoyable as possible we have built tutorials into it where users can read about how to get started, learn how to interpret results, and of course watch short videos on all the features of the software.

Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll add a video, and then make every effort to make the software more intuitive in future releases.


How to sign up?

The software is sold under a subscription model and it is easy to become a customer and start using it. Get in touch by sending us an email at or by using our contact form.

Analyse your data

Easily conduct equal pay analyses

Run analyses on your compensation data, identify the pay gap and get visual comparison of employees. In addition to measuring the pay gap, PayAnalytics helps quantify the determinants of pay, describing the current pay practices of the company. PayAnalytics complements your current payroll and HR systems.

Knowing the costs

Perform cost analyses of the necessary steps to reduce or close a pay gap

PayAnalytics gives a cost breakdown on the additional salary cost required to close the pay gap. Knowing the cost before having to implement the raises allows HR managers to plan and allocate budget ahead of time.

Outlier Detection

Highlight employees with compensation above or below the model's predictions

The PayAnalytics software provides helpful tools to quickly spot all individuals whose compensation does not match that of the compensation model. Outlier detection makes it easy to identify employees whose compensation may impose regulatory risk.

Compensation assistant

Get salary suggestions

The compensation assistant gives you suggestions for the salaries of new employees and when you are deciding the salaries for employees who are moving into a new position. The Compensation Assistant gives you the suggested salaries, and shows the suggestion in the context of similar employees within the company, as well as external market salary data (if available).

Data security

Highest standards cloud security

We follow industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality of your data, for example by employing encryption during usage (https) and by mandating disk-level encryption for stored data. Additionally, all data access is audited. If you for some reason decide to stop using PayAnalytics all your data is removed from our systems after the backup retention period expires (30 days).

Similarity score

Select an employee and find a reference group of similar employees

By selecting an employee from your payroll a similarity score gets generated for each employee allowing you to quickly see what employees have similar profiles to your target employee.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Support for male, female, and non-binary genders

One of the most commonly used feature in the PayAnalytics software is the gender pay gap analysis. The software supports both binary and non-binary gender definitions. Gender pay gap analyses can also be run on datasets where gender information is missing on a group of employees.

Compensation Mapping

Ensure equal pay for work of equal value

Compensation Mapping is a feature that you use to ensure equal pay for work of equal value. It gives you insightful and actionable information when you are comparing work that is different in nature, but similar or same in value.

Intersectional Pay Gap Analyses

Pay gap analyses on the intersection of demographic variables, such as gender and race

An analysis can be run on a demographic variable and gender at the same time, to analyze the intersectional pay gaps and get suggestions to close them.

API connection

Connect directly to existing payroll systems

It's easy to import your payroll data manually, for example from Excel, but if you like you can use our API to transfer data directly from your salary system.


Use the built-in reports and create your own

The reports feature of PayAnalytics gives you full control over how you want to view and report your analysis.

We also include built-in reports which give you an overview of your compensation structure, and meet the legal requirements in your country or state.

You can break down compensation by any grouping variable that you have available in your data. This might be gender, job role, education, or number of direct reports.

You can easily filter down to any subgroup to see the salary structure of that group.

You also get the demographic breakdown of the highest paid employees and salary quartiles.

This is a versatile report feature that can be customized according to each users needs.

Once you're happy with the report you can easily export it.