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PayAnalytics is a leading innovator in compensation analytics. Our powerful pay equity software solution is designed to empower organizations with actionable insights into their compensation strategies. We believe that creating sustainable and equitable pay structures fosters a more engaged workforce, and drives long-term, sustainable growth.

Our partnerships are the beating heart of our commitment to revolutionizing people analytics. We collaborate with consultants, advisory firms, HR technology providers, and certification foundations who share our mission of bringing transparency, fairness, and strategic intelligence to the world of compensation.

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Global consulting

We partner with global consulting firms to streamline your pay equity assessment work with clients. Using PayAnalytics, firms efficiently provide multinational clients with robust compensation models that are compliant with international standards.

Software integration

By integrating our pay equity solution into your software, providers can offer clients a more holistic HR technology suite. Integration sharpens your competitive edge, boosts client satisfaction, and fosters long-term relationships with end users.

Local HR experts

PayAnalytics makes it easy to fullfill local requirements around the world. Our long-standing relationships with HR and compensation experts with local specialization are instrumental to our (and our partners’) growth.

Legal firms

Law firms can integrate our compensation analytics into your auditing and consulting processes. Our technology can aid in detecting legal compliance issues, potential litigation, and reputational risks related to compensation. This enables you to provide more comprehensive advice and to help clients avoid potential pitfalls.

Certification foundations

We’ve partnered with leading certification foundations across the globe, including Universal Fair Pay Check® and EDGE Certification®. Our solution helps companies to easily provide the information needed (such as salary structures) for applications to certifiers.

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