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Coffee Talk

#12 - What has working time to do with fair pay?

Margret and Henrike discuss how the diversity in workforces is reflected in working time arrangements and what effects this has on fair pay. Working time and fair pay are interlinked, but how exactly? Especially overtime or shifts and related pay and allowances have an impact on the pay gap. But is this fair? And how does this affect pay gaps?

#12 - What has working time to do with fair pay?
Episode 12 - What has working time to do with fair pay?
#39 - A Good Week for Pay Equity: International Women’s Day and Fair Pay Certification

Margrét and Henrike talk about good news for pay equity: International Women’s Day and a major Universal Fair Pay Check win from BMW. The duo discuss why companies pursue fair pay certification. (It’s not just about employer branding – it can build lasting trust with employees.) Plus, they outline the two first steps companies take in order to get certified.

#36 - Gender Bias in Online Reviews - Starring Julia Barnett

Coffee Talk Episode 35 focuses on some illuminating research on gender bias. Margrét is joined by Julia Barnett, a PhD candidate at Northwestern University. Julia's research interests lie in algorithmic ethics and transparency, reducing the socio-technical harms of algorithmic systems, and deep generative applications in social contexts. Her recent study shows how patients perceive doctors differently based on the doctor’s gender. She examined over 400,000 online reviews of physicians.