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Coffee Talk

#22 - What is happening in Iceland? Starring Vidir Ragnarsson

Henrike is joined by a very special guest in a very special place: Vidir Ragnarsson from PayAnalytics - who is visiting Berlin. They discuss the very promising situation in Iceland. Pay gaps are going down and companies are increasingly willing to share their gaps. Vidir Ragnarsson's advice: Start with the data and measuring and go on from there. 

#48 - Are U.S. Pay Transparency Laws Working?

In our first Coffee Talk after a short summer pause, Dr. David Ryberg Anderson joins Margrét to discuss his recent research into the efficiency of pay transparency laws in the United States. Are employers complying in these States by posting salary ranges with job advertisements? Listen to the Coffee Talk to get the how, why, when, and what.

#47 -  Proactively Monitoring Bias in HR Tools

In this week's coffee talk, Henrike and Margrét followup on questions raised in Episode 46 about the applications of AI in HR. AI can make us faster and more efficient in some ways—speeding manual, tedious tasks, for example—but, if we aren't careful, biases can slip in and catch us off guard. Watch this coffee talk to learn about proactively monitoring AI tools in HR.

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