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Skill Shifts, ESG, and the Metaverse: Our Top 5 Total Rewards ‘23 Sessions

What do people analytics, ESG reporting, the metaverse, and employee retention have in common?

Our Total Rewards ‘23 Top 5: Sessions We’re Most Excited About

PayAnalytics has taken part in many of World at Work’s webinars and conferences. At the Workplace Equity Forum this past October, founders Margrét Bjarnadóttir and David Anderson spoke about machine learning bias and the importance of good data, as well as the influence perspective plays in pay equity decisions at the organizational level.

In just a few weeks, the PayAnalytics team will participate in one of WorldatWork’s major conferences: Total Rewards ‘23. And we’re thrilled to be among so many brilliant and talented HR professionals from around the world, so we’ve prepared a little breakdown of our top picks for the conference. But first, a little context.

What will PayAnalytics be doing at Total Rewards ‘23?

Let’s start with the basics. 

  • Dates: June 12-14
  • Booth: PayAnalytics, #205
  • Demos: Our pay equity experts will present on a variety of topics for those wishing to dip their toes into our software.
  • 1:1 Meetings: Sign up for a 1:1 meeting and talk to our client services leaders.
  • Sessions: Join Margrét Bjarnadóttir on June 13 at 2:00PM PST to learn how to use people analytics tools fairly.

In her session, Margrét will expand on her previous work on the power of automatic data collection—and large datasets—to influence HR decisions. That includes everything from who makes it through resume screening tools to how AI and analytics hurt or harm pay. In her talk, Margrét will outline potential pitfalls to help you avoid them, while demonstrating how to use people analytics tools fairly.

Which sessions are we most excited about?

Now, onto the piece-de-resistance. 

In no particular order:

We’re looking forward to Skills and Rewards: Breaking from the Confines of Jobs, which will really home in on how organizations can shift away from a “jobs” perspective to a “skills” perspective, something that a handful of larger companies are testing out. This new model—which emphasizes skills, rather than standardized tasks in a functional job—has immense potential. It’s a more granular way of viewing employees’ contributions, and it could completely reframe how we think about jobs, compensation, and work. You know: Just the usual. We’re excited to learn how the panel envisions this shift.

Leverage Your Total Rewards Strategy to Drive Your ESG Agenda is another fascinating one. At PayAnalytics, we’ve seen that the fastest changes often happen when workplace equity is embedded into the company’s DNA, or when the board sees it as a strategic driver. ESG is increasingly top-of-mind for organizations across industries and locations, and this session will really show how leaders can use ESG commitments to drive positive change.

Retention is the New Black, which focuses on current trends and challenges that are impacting companies’ retention efforts—from the Great Resignation to quiet quitting—aligns beautifully with PayAnalytics’ trajectory. Over the past year, we’ve been focused on moving beyond pay equity and emphasizing the broader topic of workplace equity. Taking a wider view enables organizations to better understand hiring and retention, and to see where they may face challenges. This session really echoes our ethos, you could say.

Can the Metaverse Improve Total Rewards? Help vs. Hype. This is certainly one of the more provocative topics at the conference. The expansion of the metaverse—as more corporations integrate immersive technologies into their operations—has major implications for all HR functions, from recruitment fairs to candidate interviews to maintaining pay parity and opportunity equity. How we interact with one another in the workplace could fundamentally change, and that may have a ripple effect on compensation.

This session is related to Coca-Cola's Secret Recipe: Connecting the Dots Between Rewards Equity, DEI and ESG. This interactive panel is right up our alley: It revolves around ensuring that companies’ pay equity efforts are comprehensive, and include total rewards, and how to strengthen DEI program effectiveness. Closing the pay gap is one part of the equation—what do you do to keep the pay gap closed? And how do you bring your efforts together into a cohesive strategy that fits your organization?

Join PayAnalytics at Total Rewards ‘23

These sessions are just an amuse-bouche for the great work that’s going to be presented, discussed, and debated at the conference. We’re thrilled to hear from so many talented professionals, and to discuss how pay transparency, pay equity, and total rewards will transform the way we work.

Be sure to stop by booth #205 to say hello, or to sign up for a 1:1 with one of our client services specialists.

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