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PayAnalytics a partner in the Universal Fair Pay Check

The Berlin based Fair Pay Innovation Lab (FPI) is piloting the Universal Fair Pay Check, a standardized international method of ensuring fair pay. FPI has chosen PayAnalytics as its partner for the Universal Fair Pay Check.

The Universal Fair Pay Check logo
It is a great honor for us, and at the same time a recognition of the quality of our solution, that FPI Lab has chosen us as a partner in the Universal Fair Pay Check. We are also particularly proud of the latest version of our solution, which now supports non-binary definitions of gender and the use of any demographic factor, because equality does not stop at gender.
— Margrét Bjarnadóttir, founder of PayAnalytics

Companies around the world are realizing the benefits of following Fair Pay policies. The same goes for legislators who have increasingly set up laws and standards around the globe to combat the issue of unequal pay. Something that has been missing however has been a standardized international method of ensuring fair pay. A way for companies of all sizes regardless of location to follow a single comparable path towards Fair Pay. This is where the Universal Fair Pay Check comes in. The FPI Lab, through years of research in the field, has gathered and unified the best standards, methods and policies in the three step Universal Fair Pay Check.

In short, the three steps boil down to:

  • Analyzing the organization's data to paint a clear picture.
  • Develop methods to improve the situation.
  • Close the gap, keep it closed and lead by example.

By following these steps success can be achieved and kept over time.

The PayAnalytics software fits this process perfectly since it shows companies the situation they currently have, recommends ways to improve it, and allows organisations to continually monitor the situation.

For further information visit the Universal Fair Pay Check website.

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