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Awards premiere of Universal Fair Pay Check

On the 17th of March, companies will be awarded based on the Universal Fair Pay Check. This international certification measures equal pay performance in a coordinated way between companies in different countries.

Two Icelandic companies will receive special awards for their achievements, The National University Hospital of Iceland and Reykjavik Energy. Both companies have used PayAnalytics' solution to eliminate the gender pay gap.

The Minister of Labor in Germany, who is the patron of the certification in Germany, will open the ceremony with an address. In addition to short speeches from the prize winners, Margrét Vilborg Bjarnadóttir, one of the founders of PayAnalytics, will take part in a panel discussion.

We encourage everyone to sign up for this event where you can learn about best practices in equal pay and the Universal Fair Pay Check. To sign up, please follow this link.

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev
Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev

Vårt nyhetsbrev tar upp ämnen som jämlik lönesättning, kompensation och förmåner, DEI (mångfald, jämlikhet och inkludering) samt lagändringar och även nyheter om vårt företag och uppdateringar av programvaran.

Set Your 2024 Pay Equity Goals Now with These Instructional Coffee Talks

This year in Coffee Talks, we worked through the reasons – and we hope our many avid listeners did, too – that a goal-oriented pay philosophy is the fundamental groundwork for pursuing and sustaining fair pay. In this blog, we’ll cover a few “memorable moments” that give expert insights (straight from the pros) into practicing pay equity for the long term.

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