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Friday Coffee Talk from Planet Fair

Margret and Henrike, the award-winning founders of PayAnalytics and FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab respectively, converse with their guests about fair pay, equality and better workplaces, all while sharing their own visions of a future where we strive towards "Planet Fair". Margret usually has her cappuccino in Reykjavík or Washington, D.C. while Henrike enjoys her cup either at Berlin Wannsee or on an island in the Atlantic. The episodes are available as a YouTube Videocast or as an Audio Podcast. You can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

#7 - Why do we need transparency to be diverse?

Margret and Henrike discuss buying power, and the fact that so many women of minorities in post-Covid context are considering leaving their jobs in pay equity... But most of all, it's about the question: Why is transparency so essential on the path to equality?

#5 - Does everything have to be perfect from the start?

Margret and Henrike discuss the process needed to value activities for a non-discriminatory pay system. How can work be valued? What is the best way to measure the value of different activities? How can similar and equivalent activities be compared? And do these questions have to be answered perfectly from the start?

#4 - How expensive is it to close your pay gaps?

Margret and Henrike discuss the question of all questions: What is the actual cost of closing the pay gaps? They also try to understand an astonishing paradox - in the beginning people assume everything is fine within their organization, but at the same time they fear that closing the gaps could be terribly expensive. But is that actually true? How expensive is it really?

#3 - How does Italy speed up?
Coffee Talk

#3 - How does Italy speed up?

Margret and Henrike discuss Italy: The country with the lowest participation of women in the labor market is finally making progress. They want to close the income gap at rocket speed. But how is Italy speeding up? Why should young women apply to Italian companies right now? And why is it so important to check your numbers first, before you start implementing measures? Find out all the answers in this eight-minute episode!

#2 - What have unions to do with points?
Coffee Talk

#2 - What have unions to do with points?

Margret and Henrike continue their last week's discussion about job evaluation systems but this time focused on unions. They talk about the importance of aligning your job evaluation scheme to the pay structure/decisions.

#0 - The preview episode: Who are Margrét and Henrike?

We are pleased to introduce The Friday Coffee Talk from Planet Fair, a business discussion hosted by Margrét and Henrike. During this 8-minute chat, the two pay gap experts discuss topics related to the fast moving world of pay equity. In this preview episode, they introduce themselves and encourage listeners to tune in.