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Maryland Pay Transparency Law

Maryland Pay Transparency Law

In Maryland, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act not only prohibits gender-based pay discrimination but also has several transparency requirements. These include providing the pay range to applicants on request and a prohibition against asking for salary history. The law also protects employees’ rights to discuss their pay.

US Pay Transparency Laws by State 2023

While there is no comprehensive federal pay transparency law in the United States, pay transparency laws at the state and city level are becoming increasingly prevalent. These regulations require employers to be more transparent with salary ranges and benefits, and they aim to help promote fairness and equity in the workplace.

PayAnalytics introduces our new Workplace Equity feature

PayAnalytics’ new Workplace Equity feature helps organizations move beyond equity in pay alone. This feature helps companies analyze diversity and representation among current employees, new hires, and employees who exit the organization, and it looks for demographic differences in who receives raises and promotions.

Ireland Rolls Out New Pay Equity Law

In summer 2022, Ireland implemented a far-reaching pay equity legislation, the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021. This legislation requires employers to begin reporting on their gender pay gaps. Companies will need to report differences in the mean and median pay between male and female employees. And if there’s a pay disparity, the company will need to provide a written explanation for it and outline any steps planned to close the gap.

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